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    I've suffered from back pain off and on for 19 years. I've been seen by countless dr's, tried every form of treatments. Just recently the pain spread to my right leg. I sought help many times and was treated as a pain junky, or have Dr's take one look at me, diagnosed me as being fat and that's why it hurts. The pain got so bad I blacked out only two days after going to the ER, there was given pain meds and told to leave. I begged them to admit me and they refused to try to find out why it was hurting more than ever before. My PCP found out about the black out and that I was no longer able to walk. Worked very hard to get me in to see Dr. Armin, he was kind enough to get me surgery A.S.A.P. After Dr. Armin did the surgery, I've been able to walk, back has been pretty much pain free. I've lost 20 lbs. with diet and walking. It's been night and day thanks to my PCP for introducing me to him, and the skill level of Dr. Armin during the surgery. I'm getting my life back thanks to them. I highly recommend Dr. Armin as someone in the healthcare field and as a patient!

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